Highlights of Amy & Owen's Wedding Nov 4, 2006
2006_11_wedJa_1251 2006_11_wedKaa_116c
Wedding and Reception at the Lake Union Cafe in Seattle Owen escorting Amy's mother Nancy
2006_11_wedKaf_101c 2006_11_wedKas_105
Zöe Hay at 5, a veteran Flower Girl Stan, father of the Bride
2006_11_wedKb_1381a 2006_11_wedKj_1398
2006_11_wedKb_1381a.jpg a nod to the formative 80's move, The Breakfast Club
2006_11_wedL_540 2006_11_wedL_612
Amy's dance troupe performed a slow candle dance for the Bride. Cutting the amazing topsy-turvey cake
2006_11_wedL_709 pianoPic
a well-choreographed first dance Bride & Groom posing on the vintage piano