Section 6. the line of

John Howard Brown

J Raymond Brown's father

The TRUE Family Surname is Postlethwaite.

John Howard's Mother's Line: The Lynns
from Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland

Robert Lynn was born 1775 in Ballyshannon,Donegal,Ireland. He died in Irland. He was the son of RobertsDad Lynn. Robert Lynn's wife was Elizabeth (Lynn) X. They were married 1796 in Ballyshannon,Donegal,Ireland. They had five known children named William A Lynn (1798-1893), Hugh Lynn (1808-1892), Ann-1 Lynn (1817-?), Joseph* Lynn (1821-1888), and David Lynn (1824-1903).

Postlethwaite is the REAL
original name of the Brown Family

Every Postlethwaite today can be traced back to the 1400s -- to one farm (Postle's Farm) in Cumbria, England near Millom. The "Postle" is believed to be the Medieval nickname "Apostle," probably given to a man who played the part of one of the twelve apostles in a local play or pagent. The "thwaite" is a northern English word meaning a clearing or commonly used to describe a small farm. You are definitely related, should you meet any person with a Postlethwaite in their family tree (like Mitt Romney). The name is very rare, only 9,000 in the entire world. Of course, we are not numbered among the 9,000, because our ancestor changed his name to Brown, but that's a story for later…


Postlethwaites held lands in various parts of Cumbria from the 1400s. (This is in or near what people call the "Lake District" in Northwestern England.) Some time before 1759, our guys took a short boat trip over the Irish Sea and relocated to the Isle of Man.


The earliest Postlethwaite record on the Isle of Man is December, 23 1759 when William Postlethwaite married Bridgett Benson in St Mathews church, in Douglas. Their second son, John Postlethwaite (1761-1830), is Jordan and Owen's greatx5 grandfather.

John Postlethwaite and the infamous Brown Bobby Public House

John Postlethwaite (1761-1830) first married young Hannah Lewthwaite who died in childbirth a year later. He then married Martha Sawrey who bore all of his seven children, dying during the birth of the last child in 1803. The Sawreys/Sorrow/ Family were owners of the Old Swan Hotel, 1 Old Cross, Ramsey, IOM. Three of the children of John Postlethwaite and Martha Sawrey, (Miles Postlethwaite (1794-1832), Alice Postlethwaite Brew(1800-?) and Elizabeth Postlethwaite (1802-?), stayed on the Isle of Man and probably still have descendants there today. In fact Miles Postlethwaite's son famously led the Copper Riot. Some time before 1817, John opened the infamous public house, the Brown Bobby, on Peel Road in Douglas. John married his third wife, Ann Keegan in 1816, and she ran the Brown Bobby Pub for another decade after his death in 1830.There are many stories about the Brown Bobby

Richard Williamson Postlethwaite goes off the Island, lands in Quebec

The third child of John Postlethwaite and Martha Sawrey was Richard* Williamson Postlethwaite (1797-1871), who was christened April 29, 1797 in St Mathews church, in the city of Douglas, on the Isle of Man. Richard's father brought him a certain kind of fur cap which he refused to wear and threw it into the fireplace. When his father insisted that he wear it with one side all scorched, he ran away from home and became a sailor winding up in Quebec City, Canada. One source puts him in Quebec in 1806 when he was only nine years old.


A scandalous love story
or something like that


The Isle of Man sits in the Irish Sea. It measures 32 miles long and, at its widest point, 14 miles across.



Map of the Isle of Man. Our relatives lived in Douglas and some in Ramsey.



For reasons unknown, John Postlethwaite is buried with his first wife, who died in childbirth after just one year of marriage. Martha Sawrey, the mother of all his children is buried nearby with her parents and brothers.



The Brown Bobby Public House. Our family ran it from about 1812 to 1840s. There are many stories about the Brown Bobby here.



It is also said to have been the point where funerals on the way to Kirk Braddan halted for the dual purpose of transferring the coffin from the shoulders of the bearers, and giving the exhausted bearers an opportunity to slake their thirsts.



In a way, the Postlethwaites are still well known there, because the gas station now sitting on the location of their pub is named Brown Bobby Petrol after the pub name. Everyone knew where the Brown Bobby used to be.



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Martha Postlethwaite Gilders (1827-1895),
a sister of John Postlethwaite Brown's



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William Postlethwaite b. c. 1730 in Cumbria/IoM >
John Postlethwaite (1761-1830) IoM>
Richard Williamson Postlethwaite (1797-1871)Can >
John Postlethwaite Brown (1825-1907) Can >
John James Brown (1854-1946) USA>
John Howard Brown (1881-1973) USA>

Our Postlethwaite Family

from the Isle of Man