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John Hay (1713-1786), weaver, Catholic, and Gordon Castle tenementer in Fochabers, Morayshire, Scotland. We believe his sister was the Helen Hay who married Peter Brown in 1738. Besides our ancestor (John Hay 1731-1804), John Hay-1713 had at least four other children (probably by two wives). George Hay (c.1747), weaver, married Ann Stronach in 1779. Jean Hay married Robert Bremner, weaver. Ann Hay (c.1758) married James Wilson in 1797. And Thomas Hay (c.1762), weaver, married Jean Skinner. Probably also the Helen Hay who married John Bremner in 1756.


John Hay, born 1731 in Fochabers, Morayshire, Scotland. Emigrated to Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada in 1784. Died June, 1804.

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John Hay married Catherine Batchen (1739-1825) in the year 1761. (Catherine Batchen was almost certainly the daughter of Alexander Batchen and Marjory Skakel in Keith, Banff, Scotland.) They gave birth to:
Andrew Hay Born in Bellie Parish, Moray, Scotland in 1763.
Died 1821 Miramichi, NB.


Andrew Hay married Margaret Laing (1762-1823) Aug 1, 1783 in Bellie, Moray, Scotland. (She was born 15 MAR 1762 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland, the daughter of Andrew Laing and Janet Duncan.)
Along with the other "1784 Settlers," they came to Miramichi, New Brunswick where all their children were born:
James Hay b. 1789. d. 1864
Andrew Jr.


James Hay married Anne Gray (1793-1864) on February 2, 1815 in NB, Canada. (The daughter of carpenter Peter Gray & Marjory Sutherland, Anne Gray's family came from Scotland in 1810.) Farmer James Hay lived in the Parish of Newcastle, NB, where he died in 1864 at seventy-five years. He is buried in Saint Peter and Saint Paul's Cemetery.
Their children were:
Andrew (1824-1890)Ft-1
William Alexander Hay b. Sept, 1825; died Dec 15, 1888.


William Alexander Hay married Emeline M. Henderson Hay June 21, 1860 in the Miramichi area.
Their children were:
Robert Hay, b. Aug 29, 1862
Wilhelmina Hay, born May 20, 1863 /per StM Willamina b. 1864
Alice Ann Hay, b. Nov 30, 1865Ft-2
John Henderson Hay, b. March 13, 1868 and died June 11, 1871 Ft-3
William Albert Hay, b. July 9, 1871Ft-4
Frederick James Hay, b. Nov. 8, 1874,Ft-5 d. Oct 20, 1953
Leonard Clinton Hay, b. Aug. 22, 1880


Frederick J. Hay, moved to Newburyport, Mass and there on 27 JUN 1900 married Mary E. Whalen. Frederick served in the Massachusetts Militia during the Spanish American War. (Mary Ellen Whalen was born Sept. 17, 1975 in Newburyport, Mass. and died in Swampscott Feb. 18, 1949. She was the daughter of Michael J & Mary Phelan Whalen Fitzgerald, both born in Co. Waterford, Ireland.)
Frederick J. Hay & Mary E. Whalen gave birth to:
Frederick J. Hay Jr., b. 12-Feb-1902. d. 1973
Leonard F. Hay, b. 12-Sep-1903 d.1971
Maurice William (Bill) Hay, b. 9-Jun-1905 d. 1970
Arthur R. Hay, b. 10-Jul-1907 d. 1960
Wilhelmina M. Hay Towner, b. 25-Dec-1909 d. 1984
David Edward Hay Sn, b. 28-Jan-1912 d. Apr-1974)
Mary C. Hay Cronin, b. 8-Mar-1914 d. 22-Feb-2012


David Edward Hay Sn, married Dorothy June Weissbach (24-Aug-1918- 22 MAY 1980) in Lexington, Kentucky in 1943. (Dorothy Weissbach was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the daughter of Bruno H Weissbach (1890-1933) and Kate Mimnaugh (1887-1930). Dorothy was the granddaughter of Emelia Ulrich and Herman Weissbach who left Silberberg, Silesia, Germany in 1895 and Mary Casey and Michael Mimnaugh who left Longford, Ireland in 1879.)
The children of David and Dorothy are:
D Hay Jr., (1943 - 1992)
F Hay
D Hay
D Hay


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