Hay Trip Planners

Year Who's in Charge Where
2007 June 23-30 Rory, Don Banyoles, Spain!
2008 June 21-28 Ryan, Fred Maryland Shore (Cambridge)
2009 June 20-27 Zack, Kevin Iceland
2010 June 19-26 Lisa, Kerry Lisbon, Portugal
2011 June 18-25 Rachel, Graham Tipperary, Ireland
2012 June 22-29 Clan Beckman, Mike Grand Cayman
2013 June 22-29 Kathleen, Donna Prince Edward Island
2014 June 21-28 Alex, Zoë Beaune, France
2015 June 20-27 Jordan, Amy Park City, UT
2016 June 18-25 Owen, Angus San + Diego, CA
2017 June 18-24 Don, Sean It's Ballater, Scotland! & Oban
2018 June 23-30 Sarah and Don Sarah wedding & Sunday Shakers & Crazy Camp
2019 June 22-29 Swati Sicily!
  • Week ending in last Saturday in June
  • You are to aim for 50% participation. If you don't get 50%, venue reverts to Anacortes/Vegas/Mineral Point
  • Constraints:
      -Affordable airfare
      -Costs on the ground should not be exorbitant.
  • Once you've selected, you must get folks to buy in & get together a sample agenda. Aim for settling the destination by the end of January.
  • By the end of February, tell everyone the city they should fly into, so they can get cheap airfares.